Rachel Burton - The Many Colours of UsRachel says: Music and writing have always gone together for me and so it was inevitable that each of my books should have a playlist. I usually put these together during the course of writing the first draft and they always start with a Beatles’ song that, for me, sums up the book I’m writing (The Beatles’ song for my third book is “Eight Days a Week”). The rest of the playlist comprises music that is mentioned in the book (for example the song that Edwin and Julia dance to at the wedding in The Many Colours of Us) and music that reminds me of the characters or that I know my characters would listen to (for example in my head Will from The Things We Need to Say was a huge James fan in his youth!). My publisher always puts the playlists in the back of the books too because I think it gives the reader a little extra glimpse into the characters and stories.

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