What they’re saying about The Woman on the Bridge:

“…perfectly pitched for a TV thriller…” – Daily Mail

What they’re saying about The Hit List:

“… captivating game of cat-and-mouse … compelling and supremely well-told.” – Daily Mail

“Deftly plotted and super-twisty, this is guaranteed to thrill.” – The Sun

What they’re saying about Love Will Tear Us Apart:

“An emotionally intelligent portrait of a relationship’ – Daily Mail

“This pacy, emotional drama is brilliantly written and will suck you in from start to finish” – The Sun on Sunday

“Love Will Tear Us Apart is a cracking read, stimulating, engaging and also rather beautiful, I loved it.” – Lovereading

“I think it is her best book to date… an enjoyable, well-written book that touched on the human condition without seeking to preach” – Nudge Books

What’s they’re saying about Don’t Close Your Eyes:

“Fascinating thriller … too good to miss!” – Sun on Sunday Fabulous Magazine

“A gripping story with engaging, brilliantly written characters” –

“Don’t Close Your Eyes is an exciting second novel, breathtaking, yet incredibly realistic, and definitely worth reading, I can highly recommend it.” – Lovereading

“Second ‘grippingly tense’ Seddon thriller to Corvus” – The Bookseller

What they’re saying about Try Not to Breathe:

“This is a gripping debut novel from British freelance journalist Holly Seddon… As addictive as the best box sets.” – i Newspaper

Try Not to Breathe delivers the high-quality thrills and intriguing characters that readers demand in the best of psychological thrillers… Try Not to Breathe is a breath of fresh air” – Associated Press

“A fabulous read; as fast and furious as anything in the genre, but a lot more insightful” – Irish Examiner

This is a top-notch psycho-drama, with plenty of red herrings and setbacks” – The Independent

“Holly Seddon’s debut Try Not to Breathe is a classic of the genre, full of delicious plot twists” – Running In Heels

Seddon skilfully shifts the viewpoint between the various characters and also moves the story back and forth between 2010 and 1995 to create a strong sense of mystery and suspense” – Sydney Morning Herald

Try not to breathe, try not to make plans, try not to commit to anything in fact till you’ve finished Holly’s debut novel, because we must warn you now – you’ll be fully hooked from page one” –

“Fancy something more thrilling than the usual chick-lit love story? Look no further than this gripping psychological thriller” – New Magazine’s book of the week

“The psychological thriller of 2016 and it is sure to leave you captivated” – Irish News

“Penetrating and intense, ‘Try Not to Breathe’ is a chokingly dark debut thriller” – Lovereading’s debut of the month

“This brilliantly readable, fast-paced novel will keep you hooked” – FabulousMagazine, The Sun

“This gripping thriller about family and redemption will keep readers engaged to the very end” – Publishers Weekly

“This debut novel lives up to the hype” – Stuff

“Try Not to Breathe is a formidable suspense novel” – Nudge

What they’re saying about The Honest Authors podcast

There are dozens of book podcasts out there – but those aimed at aspiring authors are less common, and almost entirely skewed towards the self-publishing market. One notable exception is the Honest Authors podcast, created last year by authors Holly Seddon (Try Not To Breathe, Don’t Close Your Eyes, Love Will Tear Us Apart) and Gillian McAllister (Everything But The Truth, Anything You Do Say, No Further Questions).

“A year and a half in, with 26 episodes under their belt, we asked the pair about fighting for attention, finding your niche and keeping your audio content fresh.”The Bookseller